It may have taken 3 years, but it was worth every bit of it. I posted my church’s Easter advertisement on my door for the entire week hoping and praying everyday that I could bring a resident to the service. Two of my residents just came to thank me for posting it and told me they went to the service and really enjoyed it! My mission to bring a resident close to God has been fulfilled just 2 weeks before I have to say goodbye to being an RA. God is SO GOOD!!!!!

So unfortunately I was in a terrible, nasty mood this morning and not feeling good at all. I couldn’t get out of my funk no matter what. We finally got in the car and Kyle drove me straight to get my favorite ice cream without me even telling him that had been on my mind all day. He took me for a joy ride filled with laughter in the new car before I’m back home taking a nap. I’m 100000000% sure I’m about to marry the best guy ever.

Happy Palm Sunday! So I’ve gotten back on social media a little earlier than I wanted to. I struggled with it so hard this year. It’s something I need to pray hard about! I also was reading through the new testament. I’m behind but I’m not giving up quite yet!

I got a ton of new followers while I was gone for the last 3ish weeks so that’s exciting!

While I was gone, Kyle and I got a new place! The first two photos are a view of what we are surrounded by. We have cows for neighbors and a trail in our backyard that ends right at the blue ridge parkway, right where Kyle proposed to me. I’m in heaven!

I also had 2 more bridal showers so I was completely spoiled. It’s actually been wonderful timing for all the celebrations as everyones either going their separate ways or going onto graduate school or getting married like me. 

Only 22 more days of school and only 41 days until the wedding. I seriously cannot believe it. I’m trying not to go into freakout mode in order to get everything done in time and do it all with quality! 

It’s that time of year again!

Lent starts tomorrow and I’m giving up all means of social media including this. I’m giving my time to God! I felt so refreshed doing it last year, I’m so excited for this again! I’m actually not as prepared this year as much as I was last year which means I need to give this up now more than ever! I encourage you all to give something to God during this season. I love you all!